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In June 2024, Florence’s Via Cavour featured an impressive installation of orange trees, creating a vibrant and green space in this historical urban area. This project was part of a broader initiative to enhance the city’s environment and promote sustainability, echoing the efforts seen in Via Martelli and other parts of Florence.

Details of the Orange Tree Installation on Via Cavour

1. Concept and Purpose

  • Urban Greening: The orange trees were introduced to improve urban greenery, providing aesthetic beauty and environmental benefits.
  • Cultural Significance: The installation highlighted Florence’s historical connection to citrus cultivation, particularly oranges, which have been a part of Tuscan agricultural heritage.

2. Features

  • Live Orange Trees: Large potted orange trees were placed along Via Cavour, creating a semi-permanent urban grove that blended with the street’s historic architecture.
  • Decorative Elements: Each tree was accompanied by decorative pots, some featuring traditional Florentine designs and others with contemporary art motifs.
  • Seasonal Appeal: The installation capitalized on the orange blossoms and fruits’ bright colors and pleasant fragrance, enhancing the sensory experience for passersby.

3. Duration and Activities

  • Event Duration: The installation was scheduled to remain throughout the summer of 2024.
  • Engagement Activities: Activities included educational panels about the benefits of urban greenery, workshops on citrus cultivation, and special events such as orange-themed food markets.
  • Interactive Elements: QR codes on the pots provided information about the trees, their care, and the environmental impact of urban planting.

4. Impact and Reception

  • Visual Transformation: Via Cavour, a street connecting important landmarks like the Piazza del Duomo and Piazza San Marco, was visually transformed, offering a refreshing green corridor amidst its historic surroundings.
  • Positive Community Response: The initiative was well-received by both locals and tourists, appreciated for its contribution to the city’s beauty and environmental awareness.

5. Logistics and Maintenance

  • Care and Maintenance: The trees were cared for by city horticulturists and volunteers, ensuring their health and longevity.
  • Future Plans: After the event, some trees were planned to be moved to permanent locations in parks or public gardens around Florence.

Photographs and Visuals

Here are some images and visuals of the orange trees on Via Cavour:

  1. Orange trees lining Via Cavour with decorative pots:
  2. Close-up of an orange tree with historical buildings in the background:
  3. Educational display next to the orange trees:

Objectives of the Installation

  • Enhance Urban Space: The installation aimed to make Via Cavour more pleasant and green, benefiting both residents and visitors.
  • Promote Sustainability: It served as a reminder of the importance of integrating natural elements into urban environments for a healthier and more sustainable city.
  • Celebrate Heritage: The orange trees also celebrated Florence’s rich agricultural heritage, particularly its historical cultivation of citrus fruits.


The 2024 orange tree installation on Via Cavour significantly enriched the urban landscape, offering a refreshing green space that harmonized with Florence’s historical context. This initiative underscored the city’s dedication to sustainability and cultural appreciation, creating a visually stunning and environmentally beneficial addition to one of its central streets.