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Only reopened In Santo Spirito a winw window Babae, in Via Santo Spirito, 21R, 50125 Florence Italy. Tradition dating back to the sixteenth century Many elegant palaces of Florence have These tiny doors that do open one meter from the ground they seem to do the doors of the gnomes or the fairies.

Today they are almost all closed or swallowed by the many renovations of the ancient buildings and many pop up times from the interiors of the Florentine shops. But what these doors were for half height? Well, these openings revealed an admirable Florentine tradition.

These were so -called “wine holes” Also called “tabernacles or windows always of wine “had been placed since the sixteenth century on the sides of the doors of the palaces of large families to sell a glass – or a flask – of nectar, In exchange for a ears of coins sound.

And it was drunk from the morning. The wine came from the estates that these gentlemen had on the surrounding hills and was stopped in this way to travelers Each “hole” had a style different architectural, according to to the Florentine house.

Behind the passage there were also barrels Inside a cellar and a ready servant by mixing. Next to the “hole” of the doors to recall the servant If he had distracted or who knows “He could be” drunk.